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Russian Troops Fled Staromayorske

Russian Troops Fled Staromayorske

A group of soldiers from the 127th motorized rifle division deserted.

A group of Russian soldiers abandoned their positions in Staromayorske in the Zaporizhzhya direction, the occupation of which was announced by the Russian Defense Ministry just a couple of days ago.

This was reported by the Russian Z-channel “VDV for Honesty and Justice”, which is backed by officers of the Dnepr group of the Russian Armed Forces, Dialog.UA reports.

The resource claims that a group of the 127th motorized rifle division of the Russian Armed Forces, which was in Staromayorske, deserted.

“They could not withstand the enemy’s fire, abandoned their positions and went to the rear,” the channel reported, clarifying that an investigation was underway into this fact.

It should be noted that, according to the DeepState resource, there was no complete capture of Staromayorske. As before, the Ukrainian Defense Forces hold the northern part of this settlement. The Z-channel also complained about the acute shortage of soldiers in the Zaporizhzhya direction, which is rapidly increasing.

“In general, in the “Dnepr” group of troops, we feel a shortage of manpower. It has already become difficult to recruit even for “Storm Z”(formed from recruited prisoners — edit.). It is not for nothing that our regional authorities are now raising the one-time payment for signing a contract. As we can see even from here from the front, all our resources for attracting manpower no longer meet the needs of the entire “special military operation grouping”, the Russian resource said.

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