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SSU’s Revenge Against Occupiers In Kharkiv Direction

SSU’s Revenge Against Occupiers In Kharkiv Direction

The video shows dozens of destroyed equipment.

The Security Service of Ukraine continues to destroy Russian occupiers in the north of Kharkiv region. Over the past two weeks, SSU counterintelligence officers have destroyed 24 units of heavy weapons of the Russian Federation, and dozens more units were destroyed in cooperation with the artillerymen of the Defense Forces.

On the artillery shells that brought death to the occupiers, the special forces fighters reminded them what they were taking revenge for: for the destroyed Kharkiv, the civilians burned in the Kharkiv “Epicenter”, and the brothers-in-arms who died in battle. The video of the combat work of the SSU counterintelligence was published on the Telegram channel of the Service.

The video begins with footage of a defender signing the artillery shells. They reminded the occupiers of the destroyed but unyielding Kharkiv, of the dozens of civilians who burned in the Kharkiv “Epicenter” after the Russian strike, of the Ukrainian soldiers who gave their lives holding back the aggressor, and much more.

“The inscriptions on the artillery shells from our warriors reminded the occupiers of the crimes for which they will die. And we will continue to destroy the enemies until complete Victory!” assured the SSU.

The revenge carried out by the SSU counterintelligence officers was a great success. Over the past two weeks, the soldiers of the SSU Military Counterintelligence Department destroyed:

7 tanks,

5 armored fighting vehicles,


9 artillery systems,

4 mortars,

3 ATGMs,

8 cars,

3 trucks.

They also dealt crushing blows to 35 firing positions and fortifications of the occupiers, as well as to a train with ammunition, a FPV drone crew and 2 “anti-drone” crews.

The Pole-21 electronic warfare system and the electronic warfare system antenna, 4 communication antennas, 2 FPV antennas, 1 SIGINT antenna, 3 CCTV cameras and a Murom-M were also destroyed.

Joint work with the defense forces' artillerymen was no less fruitful. The special forces adjusted the artillery fire and helped destroy another 51 units of Russian military equipment and weapons.

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