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Lukashenka, Where Are Your Nuclear Weapons?

Lukashenka, Where Are Your Nuclear Weapons?

Do the Belarusian "nuclear" pilots understand that they are suicides?

The Belarusian Propaganda TV is already tired of shooting stories from the brave 116th Assault Air Force Base, where the Su-25 is allegedly equipped with nuclear bombs, which Lukashenka does not get tired of threatening the "hostile" West.

But, here I have a question about this. An not the only one.

The First Question. Why should nuclear bombs are blurred and covered? Let everyone see what a formidable weapon Putin gave to Lukashenka. After all, if you puff from all the irons that you have nuclear weapons, what's the point of hiding them?

The Second Question. The only nuclear bomb that the Su-25 can carry is the RN-40. Yes, there were also the RN-24 and RN-28, but they were decommissioned and disposed of in the 1980s. But the RN-40 "unofficially" continues to be in service. And, let's just say, there is nothing secret about this bomb, everything has been known about it for a long time, from technical characteristics to appearance.

So, what prevented Lukashenka television from showing on the pylons of the Su-25 the RN-40, installed and well known to everyone, absolutely not secret for thirty years?

The Third Question. If the RN-40 was installed on the Su-25, then why is its tail unit placed so strangely? I'll explain. The specificity of the RN-40 holders is that its wings when placed on the pylons will be placed diagonally, but on the screen it can be seen that the wings are vertical. Such placement is more characteristic of OFAB-500, for example.

The Fourth Question. The Lukashists have long boasted that they have nuclear weapons, but the Su-25, which seems to be the carrier of nuclear bombs, has not bothered to repaint in the "anti-nuclear" color. Anti-atomic is a special shade of white that best protects the aircraft from light radiation. Don't the Belarusian generals know about it?

And the last question. Do the Belarusian "nuclear" pilots understand that they are suiciders? Simply, the Su-25, a subsonic attack aircraft, is not able to leave the affected area after dropping a nuclear bomb. Not every supersonic fighter is capable of this, but here is an old man who, even in Soviet times, was not considered seriously as a carrier of the "nuclear", and here there is so much pathos!

Actually, from all of the above, I think everyone will draw the appropriate conclusions for themselves that Lukashenka has nuclear weapons.

Oleksandr Kovalenko, Facebook

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