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Ukrainian Forces Engage ‘More Dangerous Than Abrams’ Weapons Against Russia

Ukrainian Forces Engage ‘More Dangerous Than Abrams’ Weapons Against Russia

Russians are thrown several generations back.

The Ukrainian military began to destroy Russian reconnaissance drones more often with the help of modified FPV drones. This was announced by the Russian military correspondent Aleksandr Kharchenko in his Telegram channel, focus.ua reports.

“Ukrainians began to knock our 'wings' down often. This is too alarming. People do not die from such actions, but the consequences can be more serious than from the supply of dozens of the Abrams," said Aleksandr Kharchenko.

According to him, the destruction of reconnaissance UAVs will set back the Russians by a generation, when the Russian Armed Forces will fight in the "two-dimensional space", then the Ukrainians will wage war in 3D. In addition, FPV drones are cheaper than reconnaissance drones, they can replace other weapons, in particular, Western ones.

Kharchenko noted that FPV drones can fly at speeds up to 500 kilometers per hour, as a result of which enemy UAVs, including the Geranium, are at risk. He noted that the Ukrainian forces also plans to shoot down enemy attack helicopters when they fly close to the front line.

“Another advantage of fighter drones is their mobility and invisibility. For their use, multi-ton machines are not needed, which in modern conditions cannot be hidden. Two people on motorcycles is already a mean of air defence, which is very difficult to detect," explained the military correspondent.

He is convinced that the most dangerous thing is that the Ukrainians have established a system for detecting and destroying enemy drones. The construction of such systems is the key to successful use, because without them, an FPV drone at an altitude of several thousand meters will not be able to find a target. Moreover, Aleksandr Kharchenko said that the Russians have nothing to protect their "wings" in the sky. While the one who first clears the sky of reconnaissance drones will get the advantage, he added.

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