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New Russia's Shame

New Russia's Shame
Aleksandr Nevzorov

Putin's dead failure has a very simple explanation.

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing new about Russia's shame today. In 1903, magazines in Europe and the United States posted cartoons "Russia on the Court of World Contempt".

The Spirit of Civilization leads the trial.

The fiasco of Putin and his clownish “peace initiative” has a very simple explanation.

Of course, the ghoul should not appear and greyhounded yesterday.

The Kharkiv Offensive failed. Orcs are boiled alive in the boiler of Vovchansk. Russian airfields and factories are burning.

The fluctuations of the front are shameful for the "huge military machine" of the Russian Federation. Despite the fact that Russia has already "invested all of itself" in the war, the movements of Putin's army are a set of "frictions" (back and forth within a kilometer).

Moreover, all frictions are irregular and small, like those of a preoccupied but decrepit cockroach.

Nobody afraid of Russia anymore.

Everything that "was" is in the past. The deception of the "vastness and grandeur" of the country has melted away. Three years ago, Russia seemed like a giant.

But in reality, it turned out to be a dwarf.

An economic dwarf, a military dwarf, a political dwarf, a cultural dwarf, a scientific dwarf.

The potentials of its army are already known. They are tragicomic.

There is no technology to such an extent that it cannot fly to the Moon. (And even Hindus are already going for beer to the Moon)

Its culture is the funny, voiceless insolent woman Buzova and the alcoholic Leps. Its cars are silly.

Of course, this dwarf is still dangerous: in the 50s of the 20th century, it stole a "recipe for a terrible poison" from countries with powerful science and now blackmails the world with this poison.

But Russia has nothing but the nuclear poison created by the Manhattan Project and stolen by the USSR.

Aleksandr Nevzorov, Telegram

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