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AFU Hunting Russia's Aviation

AFU Hunting Russia's Aviation

The occupants may have problems even with the stationing of aviation at home.

Ukraine's defence forces seem to have started systematically attacking Russian occupiers' airbases on their territory with the help of drones. The strike on Su-57 fighters in Akhtubinsk showed that aggressor Russia may have problems even with basing aircraft at home, and that drones are capable of driving away enemy aircraft without F-16s.

"Ukraine now appears to be systematically attacking air bases with drones, similar to the way it used long-range US-made HIMARS guided missiles to dismantle Russian logistics and command networks in 2022," Business Insider said in a piece.

Journalists wonder why the Russians failed to intercept those drones.

"The attack in Akhtubinsk suggests that Russian electronic warfare capabilities have enough latitude to cover the front, but not the depth to defend Russia's interior," the article says.

The author of the material also emphasises that the Russians are hiding their praised weapons because they fear losing them in the war with Ukraine.

"Russia has about a dozen Su-57s, which are Moscow's answer to the US F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters. Like Russia's praised T-14 Armata, the Su-57s have not been involved in the war in Ukraine. This probably reflects the fear of embarrassment over the loss of a state-of-the-art weapon, and perhaps a lack of confidence that its capabilities will match the rhetoric," the article stated.

The author of the article concluded that the situation shows that Ukraine is capable of driving back Russian aircraft deep into the rear even with cheap drones. And such attacks may become more effective than even the use of F-16s.

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