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Rzeczpospolita: Belarusian Woman Convicted Of Espionage Lost In Poland

Rzeczpospolita: Belarusian Woman Convicted Of Espionage Lost In Poland

She did not come to serve her sentence.

In Poland, three saboteurs who worked for the intelligence service of Russia avoid serving their sentences, Rzeczpospolita writes. They were gone.

In December 2023, 14 foreigners were sentenced in Poland for participating in the preparation of sabotage and espionage in favor of Russia.

16 people were accused In total: 13 Ukrainians, two Belarusians and one Russian. But the two pleaded not guilty — the trial against them continues. Most of the members of the spy network were recruited in Ukraine — they arrived in Poland as refugees.

Among the 16 defendants were three Belarusians — 18-year-old Maryia Miadzvedzeva, her boyfriend — 28-year-old Uladzislau Pasmitsiukha and 41-year-old Mikalai Maskalenka.

Maria received 1 year and 1 month in prison. The trial of Pasmytsiukha continues.

According to Rzeczpospolita, after the verdict was announced and Maryia was released from custody, she disappeared. She applied for parole, but did not come to the Warsaw court, which was to make a decision. The court decided to detain her and send her to prison. But she disappeared.

The Ukrainian Yaroslav B. and the minor Arthur M., who were found guilty in the case, also disappeared.

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