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Expert: Lukashenka's Boorishness Related To His Upbringing

Expert: Lukashenka's Boorishness Related To His Upbringing

The dictator's caveman actions are unacceptable.

Lukashenka made an anti-Semitic statement during a meeting with the government.

Political analyst Dzmitry Balkunets has told Charter97.org what Lukashenko's caveman anti-Semitism is related to:

"I think it has to do with his Soviet upbringing, and a very caveman upbringing indeed. It's ignorance. This is not the first time Lukashenka makes such anti-Semitic statements, which show his hatred not only for Jews, but in general for representatives of any other nations, peoples, states.

He has the same negative feeling towards Belarusians, Poles, Armenians, Russians and Ukrainians. I emphasise that it is connected with his upbringing. It is very unfortunate that his actions and statements make the country suffer, and interstate relations suffer.

Lukashenka has been in power for 30 years, but during all this time he has never paid an official visit to Israel. And this is taking into account that Israel and Belarus, it seems to me, have very deep roots. It is hard to find another country with such historical ties. Several presidents of Israel were born in Belarus, studied in our country. About a million Jews were killed in Belarus during the Nazi years.

Lukashenka's actions are unacceptable. I believe that Israel should expel the Belarusian ambassador until Lukashenka formally apologises to the Jewish people.

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