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Maritime Drones, UAVs, 'Neptuns' Hit Sevastopol, Kerch

Maritime Drones, UAVs, 'Neptuns' Hit Sevastopol, Kerch

Russians blocked the Crimean bridge.

Starting from midnight on June 18, for an hour the military facilities of the Russian Armed Forces in Crimea were under attack of various defence force weapons. Local residents heard loud sounds similar to the work of air defence forces in the area of Kerch, the Crimean bridge and near the bays of Sevastopol. Some details of the night alarm were reported on the "Crimean Wind" Telegram channel.

The first message, which appeared at 0:33 on June 18, reported about the alarm signal that was heard in military units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation near Sevastopol. After that, the channel published a number of reports that spoke about shooting and sounds of drones flying over occupied Crimea:

first it became known about aircraft taking to the sky from the Belbek aerodrome, the Russians were also blocking the Crimean bridge;

then the sounds of UAV flight over Simferopol district were recorded (0:46);

at the same time the occupants closed the Crimean bridge;

heard loud sounds in the area of Sevastopol Bay (1:04).

The authors of the Telegram channel reported, citing their own sources, that allegedly a maritime drone "visited Sevastopol".

Meanwhile, a local Crimean public page reported on the situation on the occupied peninsula during the night of June 18:

at 0:10 the public page wrote about a UAV attack on the Crimean bridge;

at 0:14 - about the attack of Neptun missiles on Kerch and Taman;

at 1:14 - about the attack of unmanned boats in Sevastopol.

"Governor" of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhayev has not yet commented on the night events. The head of the occupation authority Sergey Aksyonov is silent about the cause of the loud sounds over Crimea.

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