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Oleksandr Kovalenko: Russians Trapped In Vovchansk Are Running Out Of Water

Oleksandr Kovalenko: Russians Trapped In Vovchansk Are Running Out Of Water

They will have to surrender.

Ukrainian military reporters report blocking a large group of Russians at the Aggregate Plant in Vovchansk.

The Charter97.org website talked about the situation there with the Ukrainian defence observer of the Information Resistance group Oleksandr Kovalenko:

— Vovchansk Aggregate Plant was under attack from the Russian occupiers from the first days of their entry into the city. Moving along Sobornaia Street (this is actually the central street of Vovchansk), they tried to go to the Aggregate Plan.

They managed to launch a number of their sabotage and reconnaissance groups there. There were clashes, but at some point, when the Ukrainian Defence Forces switched to systemic counterattacks, they were cut off.

They have been cut off for about two and a half weeks. On June 1, the plant was cut off from all other parts of the city by fire control. At the moment, the Russians do not have the opportunity to get out of there.

They are running out of ammunition, there are problems with water and provisions.

The Ukrainian Defence Forces are in no hurry to clean up the plant. After all, any cleansing is the loss of wounded and killed. Therefore, we block them until they surrender themselves. Along the way, the plant is attacked — both with the use of artillery and aviation systems.

— Do Russians have a chance to unblock their own?

— It all depends on what drastic measures their command can take. It is necessary to use a serious resource for unblocking.

— How can the situation develop in the near future?

— I think that at some point they will all give up. It's like one of the scenarios.

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