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Is Power In Russia Passing To ‘Corporation Of Heirs’?

Is Power In Russia Passing To ‘Corporation Of Heirs’?

Putin's paranoia has worsened.

Putin has appointed his niece to the post of Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. Her husband, Sergei Tsivilev, already heads the Russian Ministry of Energy.

The post of Deputy Prime Minister in the Russian Federation has recently been occupied by the son of Putin's friend Nikolai Patrushev, Dmitry.

What kind of process are we witnessing? Charter97.org talked about this with Ukrainian political scientist, professor at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Petro Oleshchuk:

— We are talking about one of the fundamental features of the Russian regime. Putin initially surrounded himself with close people who were connected with him. There is a well-known story about the “Ozero” cooperative.

Another distinctive feature of Putin is the enormous career achievements of his former security guards. They hold the highest positions in different regions of Russia.

The question arises: how should Putin select personnel? Should he hire someone based on professional characteristics? What if he turns out to be disloyal? It is worth considering the constant spy mania, so Putin trusts only his family and those people whom he personally knows, has checked, as well as members of their families. Those who are connected to him much more seriously than on the basis of formal criteria or principles.

By the way, this is one of the features of feudalism, where everything is also built on personal relationships, connections. As a result, family and corporate ties play a more important role than formal powers and procedures.

— Can the appointments of relatives indicate Putin's fear? After all, a priori, relatives are more trusted.

— The most important thing for Putin is that they are all personally connected to each other. There is no risk of a rebellion. You know, the fact that Putin is starting to attract not just friends, acquaintances, but relatives is a response to Prigozhin's rebellion.

Putin trusted the head of the Wagner PMC Prigozhin, but he let him down, so Putin's paranoia has increased significantly lately. So he switches to family members and close relatives from his circle, so that there are no strangers at all. Who knows what to expect from them.

This also indicates growing uncertainty. Putin has a feeling that there may be conspiracies or attempts to remove him from power. This entire ruling clan is closing itself off even more under Putin's leadership, so that there are no surprises.

— Two of Putin's daughters spoke on the panels of the economic forum in St. Petersburg. At one time, his family played a major role in governing the Russian Federation during Yeltsin's presidency. Will we see something like this under Putin?

— It is interesting that Putin did not show them at all for a long time. He hid his daughters, did not let anyone near them, and now he openly demonstrates them.

I will note that the forum was attended not only by Putin's relatives, but also by other representatives of the Russian elite. The next generation, the new generation of the Russian elite.

They are probably demonstrating, like, look, “we will not give power to anyone”. “Don't hope for the death of Putin and Patrushev”, “no, it will be like in North Korea” (with which, by the way, Putin signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement today).

The Russian Federation is inheriting North Korean principles and model. Only, you see, in North Korea there was always one Kim, and here there is some “corporation of the heirs of Putin's entourage”.

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