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Mother Of Four Children Answered Lukashenka

Mother Of Four Children Answered Lukashenka

What privileges does the Belarusian dictator want to take away?

Lukashenka instructed the new head of the Ministry of Labor, Natallia Pavliuchenka. The dictator ordered "not to throw around benefits and various privileges", because "there is no extra money".

Lukashenka urged to think "up to material assistance to large families and so on." And he said that "many families spend all the money for alcohol".

A reader of Charter97.org, a mother of four children, answered to Lukashenka:

"What benefits and payments do we have? The first thing I noted for myself is that we have free meals at school, but out of all that lunch, children eat only black bread. It's impossible to eat the rest. Inedible!

We have family capital, there are almost 10,000 dollars in the account, and this is especially pleasing in those times when you are thinking about how to gather children before school, but you can not use this money. You only warm your soul with the thought: we still have it!

The real help we've received is housing. In our area, only two-room apartments are built for large families, so we were offered two apartments, but for the second we had to pay another 10,000 dollars. We thank our parents for helping us, because our family has never had such funds. So, they gave us these apartments without finishing. We wanted to take that family fund to make repairs and quickly move out of the rental housing. But it is impossible to use family capital for such an improvement. So, today we are a family of six people living in one two-room apartment, trying to somehow put the second apartment in order.

Yes, I agree, housing is a good help, but we got it, because our area is an unattractive place on the map of the country, and everyone only dreams of moving closer to a big city and finding a decent job.

We do not have any more help from the state. Many of my acquaintances went to Poland and received $200 for each child under 18. Even if there is only one child in the family. This is a real help. We never even dreamed of such support.

So what benefits do they want to take away from us?"

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