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'Kadyrovtsy' In 'Maybach' Humiliating Russian Soldiers

'Kadyrovtsy' In 'Maybach' Humiliating Russian Soldiers

Z-war correspondents have reported on the wars between "Kadyrovtsy" and Russians on the frontline.

Tensions remain high between the Russian military and the Kadyrovtsy units in Russia, and they are starting to spill out.

Z-poetess and military correspondent Anna Dolgareva published and then suddenly quickly deleted a post with the lyrics of a new song by Russian patriotic writer Mikhail Elizarov, dialog.ua reports.

The song sings about how "Kadyrovtsy" from the Akhmat battalion humiliate Russian soldiers at checkpoints. However, the lyrics of the song are already available on social networks.

It talks about how the "Kadyrovtsy" in a Maybach drive through a roadblock, at which they are stopped by a Russian soldier, and he modestly asks them to show their documents.

"Kadyrovtsy" opens the door and profanely shouts at the Russian soldier, who is forced to go and die at the front or return home and die at the hands of Caucasians in the rear.

Dolgoreva deleted the post because she was afraid of the article on "discrediting" the army and the revenge of "Kadyrovtsy".

The scandal was brought to the attention of Ukrainian journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky, who noted that "everything is fine in this story".

Yelizarov and Dolgareva are natives of Kharkiv, who have betrayed Ukraine and sided with Russia, and now resent the rampant behaviour of the "Kadyrovtsy".

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