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Ukrainian 'Hornet Queen' Spectacularly Stops Assault Of Russian Federation Troops

Ukrainian 'Hornet Queen' Spectacularly Stops Assault Of Russian Federation Troops

Video fact.

Soldiers of the BULAVA unit of the 3rd Mechanised Battalion of the Independent Presidential Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed a column of Russian Federation Armed Forces vehicles with the help of drones created by the Ukrainian volunteer team of "Wild Hornets". The corresponding footage has been published on the Telegram-channel of the manufacturer.

The video shows how the Russian vehicles were on their way to storm the AFU positions. The Ukrainian military attacked the colony with bomb drones, dropping explosives on the occupants. Then follows the footage of destroyed hardware of the Russian Armed Forces, in particular a burning tank. According to volunteers, the Hornet Queen drone helped foil the occupiers' plans.

"Hornet Queen" helped to stop the assault. Next it was up to the "Wild Hornets" who burned the tank. After that, the Katzaps decided to retreat," the post reads.

On What Is Known About "Hornet Queen"

In March, the Wild Hornet drone developers announced that they had created the "Wild Hornet Queen" drone, which is capable of carrying FPV drones and being a signal repeater for them. The manufacturer showed tests of the drone and said that besides carrying and relaying, the drone can perform other tasks.

In May, members of the BULAVA unit showed how they attacked Russian Armed Forces dugouts with the powerful Hornet Queen FPV drone, noting that these UAVs are capable of dropping six kilograms of explosives on enemy positions.

"The tests have been successful. In the video you will see how the 'Queens' dislodge the dugouts' knurls," the military said.

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