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Reuters: China Doesn't Like Putin's Visit To North Korea

Reuters: China Doesn't Like Putin's Visit To North Korea

Beijing is cautious about deepening cooperation between Russia and North Korea.

China reacted cautiously as Russia and North Korea deepened their ties and vowed to confront the US-led West. Thus, Beijing avoids any tripartite agreements that could complicate its relations with other countries, Reuters writes.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian said at a briefing on Tuesday that the meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un was a bilateral exchange of views.

"China has certain reservations regarding North Korea's deepening military cooperation with Russia, which could undermine Beijing's near monopoly of geopolitical influence over Pyongyang. China is also careful not to create the perception of a de facto alliance among Beijing, Moscow, and Pyongyang, as this will not be helpful for China to maintain practical cooperation with key Western countries,” said Tong Zhao of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The publication recalled that after the DPRK loosened border controls last year, trade with China resumed, but Russia dominates North Korea's political activities.

“Last year, Kim made his first - and so far only - post-pandemic trip to Russia to meet with Putin, and Putin became the first world leader to visit the politically and economically isolated North since the opening of borders. Russia also took the unprecedented step of using North Korean-made ballistic missiles, which are banned by U.N. Security Council resolutions, to strike targets in Ukraine, according to U.S. and allied officials, and U.N. sanctions monitors.

China proclaimed a "no limits" relationship with Russia just days before Moscow launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, but Beijing has so far avoided providing weapons and ammunition for the war effort.

Reuters also added that China joined the Russian Federation in blocking new sanctions against the DPRK in the Security Council, but abstained when Moscow vetoed the continuation of the work of the group that monitored the implementation of sanctions.

In turn, one of the South Korean officials, on condition of anonymity, noted that tensions exist between Beijing and Pyongyang because of the thousands of North Korean workers who remain in China, despite UN resolutions.

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