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Marine Le Pen's Party Supported Supply Of French Weapons To Ukraine

Marine Le Pen's Party Supported Supply Of French Weapons To Ukraine

Le Pen was previously received with honors in the Kremlin.

The French far-right party of Marine Le Pen, which was received with honors in the Kremlin in the pre-war period, is ready, like President Emmanuel Macron, to supply weapons to Ukraine.

“I want Ukraine to have ammunition and [military] equipment so that it can survive” against Russian aggression, Jordan Bardella, leader of the National Rally party founded by Le Pen, said while visiting an arms exhibition on the outskirts of Paris.

Bardella could become the next Prime Minister of France if his party can win a significant victory in early July elections, Bloomberg notes. Macron announced them after the National Rally beat other French parties in the European Parliament elections. Bardella, however, said that he would head the government only if his party received an absolute majority in the French parliament.

“I am not going to question the commitments that France has made in the international arena; it is a matter of trust from our European partners and NATO allies,” Bardella added.

Before the war, Le Pen was very popular in Moscow and visited it several times to meet with Russian leaders. So in March 2017, a month before the presidential elections in France (in which she also participated), Le Pen was greeted almost as a state leader: a motorcade, accompanied by police cars, took her from the airport, which caused huge traffic jams lasting for a couple of hours in some areas of Moscow. She supported Russian laws prohibiting homosexual propaganda among minors, the law on foreign agents, and declared the need for a strategic partnership with Russia.

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