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AFU Marines Start Mopping Up Russian Military In Kharkiv Region

AFU Marines Start Mopping Up Russian Military In Kharkiv Region

The stronghold of the enemy has come under the control of the Ukrainians.

Marines from the AFU's 36th Independent Marine Brigade have mopped up captured enemy trenches in Kharkiv region.

The corresponding video has been published by the press service of the 36th brigade.

The footage taken from the drone shows how the military in close co-operation with aerial reconnaissance are mopping up enemy trenches.

Before this, the drones conducted drops on the Russian military to dislodge them from their positions. Thanks to the active work of the drones, it was possible to drive the remnants of the enemy infantry into the dugouts, after which the marines began to mop them up.

The mopping up was carried out using firearms and grenades that were thrown into the dugout. Eventually, the enemy stronghold was mopped up and came under the control of the Ukrainian military.

A big role in the successful offensive actions of the Ukrainian military was played by the extensive use of unmanned systems, which ensure timely identification of the enemy in close co-operation with the infantry.

This advantage makes it possible to act more actively, which was demonstrated by the Marines from the 36th Independent Brigade. The brigade is currently stationed near Vovchansk, where it is conducting assaults on enemy positions.

In addition, the fighters also manage to replenish the exchange fund with Russian soldiers who willingly decided to surrender.

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