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Ukrainian Drone Attacks 'Advisor To DPR Head'

Ukrainian Drone Attacks 'Advisor To DPR Head'

Before that, the traitor stopped to "pump up the wheel".

Yan Gagin, the so-called "adviser to the head of the DPR", has nearly found eternal peace in the occupied Donetsk region. He was injured as a result of an attack by a Ukrainian drone with explosives. This is reported by the Russian edition of TASS.

According to him, the enemy UAV dropped a munition near the settlement of Elenivka, where the collaborator stopped to replace the wheel.

"My colleague and I were near Elenivka and stopped to pump up the wheel. Knowing that drones could be working, we drove under the trees. We were detected by a drone. For some time it was circling above us, then it attacked us with a drop. My mate suffered multiple shrapnel wounds to the head, face, arm and thigh. I got shrapnel wounds to my face and shoulder and abrasions," Gagin complained.

He added that, being already wounded, they managed to use electronic rifle and neutralise the drone's signal. The drone became disorientated and moved away from them.

Gagin was taken to hospital, where he was stitched up. According to the "adviser to the DPR head", he was assisted by medics from the district hospital in Volnovakha.

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