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Ukrainian Troops Make Belarusian Border Guards Panic

Ukrainian Troops Make Belarusian Border Guards Panic

Allegedly, the HIMARS and M777 howitzers appeared on the border.

The Belarusian Border Committee announced the "concentration of Ukrainian military" on the border with Belarus.

"Recently, an increase in the grouping of Ukrainian armed groups, including special operations forces and special units of the Ukrainian Defence Intelligence [the GUR - Ed.], has been spotted in the area of responsibility of the Zhytomyr Border Guards of Ukraine," the Belarusian Border Committee said.

"In the adjacent territory, various units are concentrated, including those with heavy weapons: MTLB, infantry fighting vehicles, including the American Bradley, HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, M777 howitzers, the Gepard German-made self-propelled anti-aircraft cannon guns, as well as other means of destruction," the Belarusian side said.

The Lukashists said they were “preparing an answer.”

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