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Ukrainian Colonel: South Korea Has 'Superweapon'

Ukrainian Colonel: South Korea Has 'Superweapon'

What Kyiv can get from Seoul.

South Korea will consider supplying weapons to Ukraine after North Korea and Russia signed a mutual defence pact in the event of war.

What exactly can the Ukrainian army get from South Korea? Charter97.org asked Petro Chernik, a Ukrainian military analyst and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

— They do have superweapons. This is a huge hub, starting from 155-mm artillery. For example, the Polish Krab system is based on the Korean chassis.

Really, Poles signed a contract with South Korea for the supply of howitzers for $10 billion, a beautiful K2 Black Panther tank. The Koreans even have an analogue of the F-35 — the KF-21.

I note that the world-famous automobile corporation Hyundai is also doing defence production. It produces a variety of equipment, not to mention microelectronics.

— Will there be direct deliveries from South Korea to Ukraine?

— Most likely, it will be like it was with the Americans. The Koreans handed over a large number of shells to the Americans to replenish their supplies, and they have already handed them over to us. Korea has a very complex philosophy of relations with China. I doubt there will be direct deliveries.

But, relatively speaking, Poland has already signed the contract, has saturated itself, and some equipment (Soviet or American) can be transferred to Ukraine.

By the way, as for Putin's trip to the North Korea. The axis of evil is drawn, they cement it, showing that they are ready to raise the stakes. And I have not the slightest doubt that the stakes will rise.

Blocks are formed: "global South" and "global North". The clash between them has already begun. The only question is how it will end. Now no one will predict this.

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