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Russian Helicopter Crashes In Amur Region

Russian Helicopter Crashes In Amur Region

The crew is dead.

A Robinson R66 helicopter has crashed in Amur Region (Russia). The crew is dead.

This was reported by the Baza Telegram channel.

According to Baza, on June 20, the helicopter, which belonged to Meridian LLC, was flying from the “Zeisky Lesopromyshlenny Kompleks” landing site to another landing site and back.

“However, at the appointed time, the pilot did not report takeoff from the intermediate landing site. Several helicopters took off to search for the missing vehicle, but the missing helicopter could not be found on the first day,” the report says.

Later, according to the Telegram channel, the helicopter crash site was discovered thanks to an activated emergency radio beacon.

“On the morning of June 21, the helicopter was found. It was almost completely destroyed. All those on board were presumably killed,” Baza states.

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