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Missile Hits Russian Air Defense Unit Barracks Near Yeisk

Missile Hits Russian Air Defense Unit Barracks Near Yeisk

New details of attack on Krasnodar Territory.

On the night of June 21, explosions were heard in the village of Vorontsovka in Krasnodar Territory, Russia. Preliminary, the barracks of the 726th training center of the air defense forces of the Russian Ground Forces (military unit 33859) were attacked, there are “cargoes 300” among the servicemen of the aggressor country.

The Telegram channel ASTRA (with reference to sources in the emergency services of the region) wrote on Friday morning about nine wounded. The exact consequences of the operation are being established.

It is stated that the military facility was hit by an unidentified missile.

“The barracks building was damaged, nine Russian servicemen were wounded... Neither the local authorities nor the Ministry of Defense reported a missile attack on the air defense unit,” the authors of the post noted.

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