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Foreigner Is Surprised By Habit Of Belarusians That They Do Not Notice

Foreigner Is Surprised By Habit Of Belarusians That They Do Not Notice

It is connected to the metro.

A video of a foreigner who had to use the Minsk metro appeared on TikTok. He was surprised by the behaviour of the Belarusians, who constantly held the door when they left. Commentators, however, assured him that there is nothing unusual in this habit, Telegraf.news. writes.

Many users of the social media pages were surprised by the reaction of the foreigner and considered that there was nothing unusual in such behaviour of compatriots. Like, everyone has such a "habit". In addition, the doors in the Moscow metro are quite heavy, and if they are not held, you can seriously injure a person behind you.


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"I am afraid, if I do not hold it back, the next one will be kicked," one of the Belarusians commented and got almost 30,000 comments more.

"So this is the base, they still do it, don't they?" another commentator was surprised by the reaction of the author of the video.

"I always do this. Is it different somewhere else?” another person asked.

“These are 'factory settings'. How not to cross the road on red if there are no cars,” wrote another user.

"We also pass tickets when we get off the bus or other public transport so that others have it for free. And sometimes we leave them on the seats of transport or next to them," another Belarusian commented.

Some commentators hastened to recall that such an action has nothing to do with nationality and is due to 'elementary care' and 'upbringing'. Others suggested that this is not done in other countries, because there are simply no such dangerous and heavy doors in the metro.

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