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Strike On Main Kremlin's Tower

Strike On Main Kremlin's Tower

Pandora's Box opened for Moscow.

Senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal introduced a bipartisan bill on Thursday to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism under US law. Currently, according to American laws, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria are considered state sponsors of terrorism. The governments of these countries have repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism.

“I look forward to voting on our bill to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism under US law for several reasons. First of all, this recognition will significantly increase the tools available to the United States to punish Russian President Putin for his barbaric behavior in Ukraine and his destructive actions throughout Africa and the world as a whole. Putin's Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism, and it is high time to officially recognize it in accordance with the law,” Republican Graham said.

In a statement, Democrat Blumenthal said Russia had “earned” its place in the club of state sponsors of terrorism by unleashing a “brutal campaign of violence and aggression” in Ukraine and committing “countless atrocities and crimes against humanity, sowing horror and death among thousands of innocent civilians.”

“The recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism will allow the United States to more resolutely combat Putin's brutality, as well as the threat he poses to freedom and democracy in the world,” said Senator Blumenthal.

The bill to recognize the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism will have an impact on other countries and organizations that cooperate with Russia, expand the list of dual-use goods that will not be allowed for export to Russia and significantly limit the sovereignty of the Russian Federation in the eyes of American courts. This will open the possibility of filing lawsuits and other civil claims from victims of terrorism sponsored by Moscow.

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