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Ukraine Uses Drones That Puzzle Enemy

Ukraine Uses Drones That Puzzle Enemy

Fury PRO steals weapons from Russians.

The Ukrainian team Drone Squad, together with SpetsTechnoExport (STE), presented its Fury PRO drone at the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition, which takes place from June 17 to 21 in Paris. The representative of the project anonymously told Focus about the peculiarities of the use of these UAVs in combat conditions.

According to him, Fury PRO combat copters are now used in almost all areas of the front. The Ukrainian forces almost daily publishes new videos of succesful operations.

"There are very successful cases of mining, when at night they bring an anti-tank mine and drop it on the road, and in the morning the enemy buggy is blown up on it," the developer shared.

Another interesting and somewhat unexpected use for the creators of Fury PRO is the deprivation of the invaders of their weapons. One of the crews guessed to attach a magnet to the drone and sent it to the gray zone, where the Russian troops went on the offensive, and there they picked up and took the machine gun of one of the invaders, and then delivered it to their position.

"This is an interesting case, I did not even think that this could be done," admitted the representative of the Drone Squad. "And the positions are constantly under strikes, 120-mm and anti-tank mines TM-62 are dropped on them."

Military units that use Fury Pro constantly send their feedback or provide new information. Thanks to this, engineers are constantly improving drones.

According to a representative of the Drone Squad, the drone aroused considerable interest at the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition, especially thanks to video recordings with succesful operations. Abroad, no one had ever thought that anti-tank mines, which are usually planted on the ground or on roads, could be dropped from a drone.

"There are already positive results thanks to networking and interesting potential partners who would like to do something together," he said.

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