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‘This Infuriates Putin Much’

‘This Infuriates Putin Much’

An officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained the situation at the front.

Russian occupiers will continue to put pressure on the positions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in different directions of military operations. The enemy's priority is to capture the Donetsk and Luhansk regions within their administrative borders, while the Russian Federation uses other directions to draw off Ukrainian forces and resources. This was stated on air by commander of the strike battalion of the “Achilles” UCAV of the 92nd separate assault brigade Yuriy Fedorenko on “24 Kanal”.

Fedorenko noted that the enemy's activity may be related to three factors:

favorable weather conditions for the occupiers;

the enemy's readiness for active strike and assault operations due to the accumulation of personnel and equipment;

logistics of international military aid that is being delivered to Ukraine.

He notes that the Russian occupiers are trying to take advantage of the “window of opportunity” before it finally closes in order to achieve maximum territorial advancement at the front. However, the enemy is unable to achieve tactical success.

“This really infuriates dictator Putin. He gives more and more orders on specific segments, what results should be, by what dates. However, the Defense Forces sometimes do the absolutely impossible,” noted Yuriy Fedorenko.

He notes that the strength of the Ukrainian military lies in their intelligence, creativity, support of the nation and professionalism, which enable the Defense Forces to intercept the dynamics and prevent the Russians from implementing their plans.

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