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Shahed Base Destruction In Krasnodar Region: ‘Rare’ Russians Eliminated

Shahed Base Destruction In Krasnodar Region: ‘Rare’ Russians Eliminated

The Ukrainian Navy shared information.

The destruction of the Shahed warehouse and related infrastructure by the forces and means of the Ukrainian Navy, in cooperation with the Security Service of Ukraine, has been confirmed.

This was reported by the press center of the Ukrainian Navy.

What do satellite images show?

As noted, new satellite imagery confirms the destruction on the night of June 21 of the storage and preparation sites for the use of “Shahed-136/Geran-2”, training buildings, command and communication centers for the crews of these UAVs, located in the Krasnodar Territory.

Qualified instructors and cadets were destroyed

“In addition to the means of destruction, qualified instructors who trained personnel to service the launches of the Shahed-136/Geran-2 and those cadets who were taught to strike the territory of Ukraine using Iranian unmanned systems were also destroyed,” the report says.

Earlier, on the night of June 21, explosions thundered at the training ground of the 167th training center in Yeysk, from where the Russians normally launch Shaheds on Ukraine. There is a warehouse of Iranian drones there, and their operators live in the barracks. A series of explosions followed by detonation were recorded at the training ground.

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