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‘Nick And Mike’ On Closing Borders: Intentions Alone Hurt Lukashenka

‘Nick And Mike’ On Closing Borders: Intentions Alone Hurt Lukashenka

The next step is China's.

The topic of closing borders due to the fact that two dictators not only enjoy but also make money on a hybrid war against the European Union and Poland was very clearly and publicly voiced in Beijing, writes the Telegram channel “Nick and Mike”.

So clearly that the foreign ministers of the junta and Russia were forced to comment on it jointly. Judging by the sour faces, the situation is painful and, most importantly, unexpected.

The set of arguments is chaotic. From the fact that “business will suffer” to “Poland itself fought in the countries from which traffic is organized”. The conclusions border on hysteria: from accusations of inconsistency (they talk about opening, then closing) to an invitation to the negotiating table to “de-escalate the situation”. In general, the intentions alone hurt.

The next step is China's. After all, you can pretend as much as you like that the migrants “come on their own”, but everyone understands everything. Russian intentions and full cooperation from the junta's punishers in various ranks are visible.

There is not much time to make a decision — the SCO summit in Astana on July 3-4, which could become an unpleasant surprise for two Chinese vassals.

China is not very interested in all this mess in Europe. The hot and hybrid war is hitting its interests. In general, a very interesting tactical configuration is emerging.

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