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Search For Perfect School: Belarusians Invite To American Elite School In Warsaw

Search For Perfect School: Belarusians Invite To American Elite School In Warsaw

A private school founded by Belarusians is already accepting applications.

When moving to Warsaw, many families are faced with the issue of choosing an English-language school for their children. The variety of schools and the wide range of prices can create difficulties in determining which school will best suit the individual needs and budget of the family.

First steps and difficulties

Finding the right school begins with assessing several key factors:

Price range: prices for English-language education range from 3,500 to 10,000 PLN per month, requiring careful consideration of the family's financial capabilities.

Recruitment and deadlines: many schools have strict admission deadlines, which requires advance planning and application.

Geographic location: the location of schools in the Wilanów and Mokotów districts can affect accessibility for the family and additional transportation costs.

Pricing: Despite the affordability, some families face additional costs for Polish language classes and other services.

Class sizes and conditions: class sizes and safety may leave much to be desired.

Communication and organization: some parents note poor communication with the administration and slow responses to inquiries.

But there is a reasonable alternative — a private American Elite School, which was founded in Warsaw in 2023 by Belarusians.

Choosing a school in Warsaw: alternative options

Among the many English-language schools in Warsaw, American Elite School in Mokotów stands out. The new school offers the following advantages:

— Limited number of students per class:

One of the important advantages of American Elite School is the small number of students per class. With a maximum of 16 students, the teacher has the opportunity to pay more attention to each student, individualizing teaching according to their needs and abilities.

— Professional teachers:

The teachers at the school are not only professional in their subject, but are also native English speakers.

The education is based on the American system, there are online classes, if you go somewhere during the school year, or get sick, you just get a link to Google meet — and the child joins their class online.

Respectful attitude to all nationalities and religions. Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Indians, Chinese study at the school, and there are no conflicts between the children. It is great when a child grows up in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

— English-language education:

American Elite School offers a completely English-language curriculum, which immerses students in the language environment and promotes their rapid and effective acquisition of English. At the same time, 3 hours a week are provided for studying Polish, which allows students to master a second language.

— Own Yard:

The school has its own yard, which creates an opportunity for students to be outdoors during breaks between classes. It also provides additional opportunities for physical activity and outdoor play, promoting a healthy lifestyle and active learning.

American Elite School aims to provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment, where each student can reach their potential and succeed both academically and in life.

The combination of an individual approach to each student, a comfortable learning environment and modern educational methods makes American Elite School an attractive choice for parents seeking high-quality education for their children in Warsaw.


Aleja Wyscigowa 8A

02-681 Warszawa

Website: americaneliteschool.pl

E-mail: info@americaneliteschool.pl

Phone: +48 880 880 149

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