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Half Of Moscow Burning In Russia

Half Of Moscow Burning In Russia

The emergency situation has been declared in Buryatia and Transbaikalia because of forest fires.

Forest fires are raging in several regions of the Russian Federation. The federal emergency regime has already been introduced in Transbaikalia and Buryatia because of them.

This is reported by the media, referring to the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz). As of June 3, 28 fires with a total area of 69.3 thousand hectares were recorded in Trans-Baikal Territory, while in Buryatia - 10 fires on 34.1 thousand hectares.

The total area of these fires is equal to almost half the area of Moscow. The cause of some fires was dry thunderstorms.

A complete ban on visiting forests was introduced in Buryatia. It is noted that the area where the forests are burning is also suffering from flooding.

Rosleskhoz assures that the emergency mode will help to cope with the fires.

‘This regime will allow to engage more quickly additional forces and means to extinguish forest fires, as well as simplify the compensation of costs for extinguishing forest fires,’ the statement said.

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