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Military Jet Crashes During Training In Turkey

Military Jet Crashes During Training In Turkey

Two pilots died.

An SF-260D jet crashed during military training in Turkey, killing two pilots on board. This was reported by the country's Defense Ministry.

The ministry noted that the training jet took off from the 12th air base of the General Command of the Turkish Air Force in the city of Kaysir. The purpose of the flight was military training.

The plane crash occurred for unknown reasons, the ministry said. Search and rescue operations have been launched at the scene.

One of the eyewitnesses to the incident told the Turkish news agency Anadolu that the plane flew over local workers who were in the field at the time.

“Upon returning, the plane lost its balance and the sound disappeared. After the sound disappeared, it started coming straight at us. I think they [those on the plane] saw us... We saw it [the plane] fall. It exploded as soon as it landed. We tried to intervene, but we couldn’t do anything because of the fire,” the man said.

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