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Russian Ship Overturns In Kara Sea

Russian Ship Overturns In Kara Sea

Its crew was evacuated with the help of an icebreaker.

On June 4, the Russian ‘Baikal’ tugboat overturned in the Kara Sea. They tried to evacuate the crew with the help of an icebreaker.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

On June 4, about 20:00, the ‘Baikal’ tugboat belonging to SP Terminal LLC overturned as a result of ice compression in the waters of the Yenisei Bay of the Kara Sea in Krasnoyarsk region.

‘Eight crew members were evacuated aboard the Vladivostok icebreaker, one is reported missing,’ the prosecutor's office said.

According to Russian prosecutors, rescue measures are being carried out at the scene, the Norilsk Transport Prosecutor's Office has organised an investigation into the accident.

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