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The West Warned Lukashenka

The West Warned Lukashenka

Cockroaches will not survive.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis believes that if Russia deploys legitimate military targets on the territory of Belarus, Ukraine has the right to strike them.

"If Russia, fearing that targets may be shelled in Russia, can move them somewhere else, then I believe that the choice of targets also needs to be revised," the minister said. Landsbergis stressed that Ukraine "must have the ability to defend itself."

Earlier, the United States allowed Ukraine to inflict "pinpoint" strikes on Russia with American weapons. "If they know that there is a Russian unit right across the border, from which an attack is about to follow, then common sense requires that they be allowed to use the weapons received from the United States... for self-defense. This is targeted and limited in scale [use]," National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby said on June 3. We are talking about areas that border the Kharkiv region, but in the future support depends on changes in the situation at the front.

Recall that Germany, which ranks second after the United States in terms of military assistance to Ukraine, also allowed the use of its weapons for strikes on the Russian Federation.

“Together with our closest allies and in close dialogue with the Ukrainian government, we are constantly adjusting our support in line with the development of hostilities,” government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said on May 31. According to him, Ukraine was attacked, in particular, in the Kharkiv region, which "were prepared, coordinated and carried out" from positions directly adjacent to the Russian border. "Together, we are convinced that Ukraine has the right, in accordance with international law, to defend itself against these attacks," he said.

The head of the situation center for Ukraine under the Ministry of Defence of Germany, Major General Christian Freuding, admitted that Ukraine could use the Patriot air defence system to shoot down Russian aircraft over the territory of Russia. "It is possible that the Patriot systems will now also be deployed in the Kharkiv region and will be used over the territory of the Russian Federation. They are ideal for fighting Russian aircraft that drop terrible glider bombs,” he said.

Just recall how in May 2023, five Russian aircraft were shot down over the Bryansk region in a matter of minutes. "Thanks to non-standard decisive actions, Patriot air defence units destroyed five aircraft in the Bryansk direction in five minutes, from where they then bombed our northern regions with guided bombs. I jokingly call it the "Bryansk massacre," commented the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ihnat on the shooting down of Su-34 and Su-35 fighters, two Mi-8MTPR-1 EW helicopters and another Mi-8.

NATO prefers to "play black", using the successes of the Russian MoD as an excuse to expand the "red lines", they complain in the pro-Russian Telegram channels.

But there is nothing to say about the "successes of Russian MoD" in the Kharkiv region. The Russian military failed to collapse the Ukrainian defence near Donetsk, stretching the front. They failed to create a "sanitary zone" in front of the Belgorod region, as Putin threatened. Plans for the partial encirclement of Kharkiv and the retreat to the rear of the Kupiansk group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed. The operation did not go according to plan, as the Russians did not plan to conduct long and bloody urban battles in Vovchansk. Failure to meet deadlines, for example, is indicated by a published video of the interrogation of a Russian prisoner of war, who claims that his brigade should have taken Vovchansk in two days.

"The success of the Russian MoD" lies only in the fact that Ukraine has received permission to attack the territory of Russia with Western weapons.

And we are talking not only about German and American weapons, because after the United States and Germany, other allied countries began to give the go-ahead for the use of their weapons. For example, the Netherlands allows the use of F-16 fighters granted to the Ukraine to attack targets on the territory of the Russian Federation, said the country's Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren. The UK gave permission for the use of its weapons for strikes on targets inside the Russian Federation. The lifting of restrictions for Ukraine is supported by France and further on the list. And this is in addition to new unprecedented military aid packages, which even include reconnaissance aircraft, on the eve of the summit in Switzerland.

If Russia decides to stretch the front by attacking the Sumy, Chernihiv and/or Kyiv regions, the "area" of use of Western weapons on the territory of Russia will also expand. Not only the border regions of the Russian Federation, but also Belarus will be under attack. The West, through the mouth of the Lithuanian Foreign Minister, has already warned Lukashenka.

In response, Russia threatens with a "nuclear baton". As it became known to Octagon from the diplomatic sources, the embassies of a number of countries in Moscow hold active consultations on the risks of Russia's retaliatory strikes within the framework of the "military doctrine". On this topic, in particular, ambassadors and military attaches of a number of countries meet at the Embassy of Slovakia in the Russian Federation.

However, this is a completely different story, in which, unlike the famous anecdote, cockroaches will not survive either.

Victoria Zubkova, planeta.press

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