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‘This Didn't Happen Even When USSR Collapsed In The Nineties’

‘This Didn't Happen Even When USSR Collapsed In The Nineties’

Belarusians are shocked by the scale of corruption in the country.

On May 18, top official of the Belarusian Railways Piotr Dulub was detained. It is reported that he was caught taking a bribe, and about $1 million was found during a search.

This news has collected many comments on the TikTok channel of the Charter97.org website. Here are the best of them:

“The question is — well, why so much money?”

“The wording of the question is incorrect. The correct one is — where do civil servants get real estate worth millions of dollars? Plots in Drazdy? Apartments abroad? Expensive cars? Was all this bought with a salary?”

“Does each official have that much? Or can they even find more?”

“This was extra money. He didn't know where to spend it, since everything has already been bought.”

“This is always the case, ordinary people work, and officials line their pockets. Where is the justice?”

“That's the deputy... And how much does the boss have? Imagine how many went unnoticed.”

“I'm not even surprised that they'll find millions on these people. The only question is, how many more are free?”

“If they check everyone, there will be no one to work. That's why they're being cut out gradually, one by one.”

“Well, all the workers' benefits have been cancelled, now there's nothing. That's how people live…”

“And they are feeding us this bs that freight traffic has been cut. But nothing has been cut at the management, judging by the finances.”

“Well, our salary at the railway is BYN 1,300, and they're still trying to convince us that this is a lot! And this is after working at the railway for 35 years, and we buy office supplies for work ourselves with this miserable salary. They can't get enough!”

“They only found this at home, and another three million at the dacha, and ten million abroad.”

“Our officials are so rich, millionaires, but the railway workers have been deprived of their last privilege — free travel. This did not happen even when the USSR collapsed back in the nineties.”

“And we are wondering why there is such a mess on this road. They are robbing us to the fullest, there is no holiday on Railway Day, all benefits have been cancelled! How are we to understand this? They are only cutting the working staff, but why are the officials sitting around and there’s no one extra? There is a mess on the Belarusian Railway, it is time to check everyone for sobriety.”

“There are always no tickets from Brest to Minsk, empty carriages are traveling. They are ruining the railway, but they do not offend themselves.”

“These scums steal millions of dollars and teach us to live on 500 rubles a month? Is this really supposed to be considered normal?”

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