19 July 2024, Friday, 17:18
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Theater Of The Absurd

Theater Of The Absurd

Russia's presidency of the UN Security Council is contrary to common sense.

As of today, the aggressor country Russia will become the UN Security Council's duty chairman for a month. The duty officers of this decrepit unit change every fifteen months, so this is already Russia's second presidency after its attack on Ukraine. Fifteen months ago, someone was still indignant — but now, apparently, everyone has gotten used to it.

This presidency is so contrary to common sense that it is almost funny. Further proof that both the UN itself and its Security Council are a hopelessly outdated system that needs to be reformed, if not torn down to the roots.

For now, we have to put up with this theater of the absurd. Russia has planned several performances on its stage in July, including meetings chaired by Lavrov on the “Middle East settlement” and the construction of a stable world order.

“Fair and democratic”, better. Well, just the way they like it.

When will we hear from this dusty stage: “Daddy asked me to tell you all that the theater is closing. We are all sick”...

Leonid Nevzlin, "Facebook"

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