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Windows Start Shaking: Drone Attacks Moscow

Windows Start Shaking: Drone Attacks Moscow

Residents of Moscow suburbs report about explosions.

On July 11, the aggressor country of the Russian Federation stated about the "repelling of the attack". In particular, they say that a drone flew to hit their capital, obozrevatel.com reports.

The Russians released photos and video of the explosion in the sky in the network. Information about the attack was also commented on by the Moscow mayor.

According to Russian media, the events took place in Stupino district of Moscow region: it "rattled" at about 04:40 in the vicinity of the settlement of Mikhnevo.

"After two 'pops' the windows began to shake, cars started to honk," Russians complained.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin claimed that it was Russian air defence "that repelled an attack of a drone flying towards Moscow".

He tentatively stated that there was "no destruction or casualties" at the site where the debris fell.

The Russian Defence Ministry also reported standardly about "suppressing a number of attempts by the Kyiv regime to carry out attacks". It said it had "destroyed and intercepted" allegedly five UAVs over Bryansk, Tambov, Tula and Moscow regions.

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