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Moscow Drastically Changes Its Agenda

Moscow Drastically Changes Its Agenda

Another distinguished American has arrived in Russia.

The appearance in Moscow of Kanye West, the most famous American rapper and certified anti-Semite, shocked the capital's public as much as the arrival of 18-year-old German pilot Matthias Rust, who landed on May 28, 1987 on Vasilievsky Spusk, a few dozen meters from the Kremlin. “I wanted to show my power,” were Rust's first words spoken on Moscow soil.

The adventure of a German from what was then West Germany demonstrated not only the vulnerability of Soviet air defense, it became one of the triggers that undermined the force of the Soviet power.

The enthusiastic reception given to Mr. West by the social crowd today, skillfully fueled by pro-Kremlin media, showed the conventionality of the hatred of the collective West and the hated Anglo-Saxons, instilled in the Russian elite by these same media. This could only be refuted if Kim Jong-un arrived in Moscow on his armored train to sing a song from the Juche repertoire on Red Square. Of course, the success of the “rocket man” would be incomparably greater than that of the American rapper, and would confirm that Russia has no alternative to turning to the East. But somehow the Asian narrative is failing…

But the agenda has changed drastically, no terrorist attacks in Dagestan, no attacks on Sevastopol, a village near Kursk, a metallurgical giant in Lipetsk…

Even the threat to Belarus to use Russian (!) nuclear weapons, recently deployed there, goes unnoticed. This courageous statement was made on the evening of June 30 by the country's Chief of General Staff, General Muraveika, who is concerned about the concentration of NATO battalions near the country's western borders. It happened at the wrong time, a wealthy American arrived in Russia, and the allied general is escalating...

Arkady Dubnov, Telegram

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