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Ukrainian Officer: Let's See Which Bunker Lukashenka Will Hide In

Ukrainian Officer: Let's See Which Bunker Lukashenka Will Hide In

Kyiv will respond to the provocations of the Belarusian dictator.

Lukashenka said that MTR soldiers have now been deployed to the border with Ukraine, and thousands of volunteers allegedly call the military registration and enlistment offices, asking for weapons because of the situation on the border.

Why all these statements? For comment, the Charter97.org website turned to reserve major of the National Guard of Ukraine, veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war Oleksiy Hetman:

— I don’t think this is true about thousands of volunteers. All these statements mean that Lukashenka has already completely, as they say, fallen under Putin.

Unfortunately, Belarus is an independent country de jure, but de facto it is governed from Moscow. Lukashenka helps Putin in every possible way in his information and propaganda campaign.

You know, when such statements begin, it means that something is wrong there, some problems exist. We don’t know about them yet, but we’ll find out for sure.

Let me emphasize that Ukraine is not going to attack Belarus. We definitely don't need this. We have no imperial ambitions or territorial claims against your country.

An attack from Belarus is a completely possible scenario, because it is an ally of the Russian Federation, which is waging war against us. But there is practically no chance of passing the line of defense that we have built in the north.

There are few places where not only machinery can drive, but also people can walk. There are many wetlands and small rivers. Places where you can go are mined.

Childish nonsense, I don’t know who Lukashenka’s narrative is aimed at.

— Foreign Affairs wrote that the Kremlin seriously believes that a new campaign against Kyiv can be crowned with success. Maybe Lukashenka’s statements are a kind of “warm-up” for real military provocations?

— I repeat, provocations are quite possible. Only these will be provocations of Russian troops under the chevrons and flags of Belarus. It would be to Putin’s advantage if Belarus were drawn into the war.

But I would not advise Lukashenka to engage in provocations, because we will strike back. We have the right to do this for self-defense.

I'll see what bunker he'll be hiding in when we launch allied missile attacks. He has no chance. Even such a scumbag as Lukashenka understands this. His statements are at the level of street hooligans. Uninteresting and undignified.

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