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'The Goods Are Under Complete Export Ban, Even If Without VAT'

'The Goods Are Under Complete Export Ban, Even If Without VAT'

Poland has introduced major changes for Belarusians crossing the border.

In border chats, Belarusians report that from July 4, leaving Poland is possible only without goods:

“From July 4, there will be no goods leaving Poland. Customs in Terespol no longer confirms tax-free. On the green channel, cars are checked for the removal of goods (equipment, spare parts). Even without registration, tax-free is not allowed. You can carry: food, medicines from the pharmacy, coffee, powder.”

The Charter97.org website looked at what chat participants who are standing right now at the border say:

“People were driving along the green corridor parallel to me with goods (cars). You arrive at the “VAT-zone”, customs checks what you are carrying and returns it to Poland. For about 15-20 minutes, no one has been driving on the green light. It is difficult to say whether the goods will continue to be processed through the “green” route.

“I’m about to turn around. Customs says nothing is allowed. According to them, customs should return VAT, send it to control and call the police. And they seem to be doing a good deed that they simply return it - without the police or a fine.”

“The goods are under a complete export ban, even if without VAT.”

“They check every car now”

“The new shift at the border said: 14th package of sanctions, no goods exit. Everyone is being sent back to Poland. There is a list of 200+ sheets, only a couple of pass-through items.”

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