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Lukashenka Felt Bad At SCO Summit In Kazakhstan

Lukashenka Felt Bad At SCO Summit In Kazakhstan

This happened 1.5-2 hours after the dictator's arrival in Astana.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka fell ill during his recent visit to the SCO summit in Kazakhstan.

This was reported by the Russian TV channel Dozhd, citing informed sources.

This happened on July 3, 1.5-2 hours after his arrival in Astana.

The next day, speaking at the summit, he looked pale and had difficulty speaking, the channel notes.

“According to our information, an hour and a half to two hours (after arriving in Astana — edit.) his condition began to deteriorate sharply in front of the summit participants. The next day, on Thursday, he spoke at the summit, met with the heads of state, but it was clear that he looked worse than two days ago, and the day before, when he had been receiving a parade in Minsk wearing a military uniform. “His face was pale, shiny, he was struggling to speak,” presenter Mikhail Fishman described the situation.

Then the television story was devoted to other cases of the dictator's ailments, which became public knowledge. The source of Dozhd also reported that Lukashenka “is very seriously ill and is having a very hard time coping with his illness”.

When the usurper fell ill back in May 2023, he disappeared from the spotlight for five days. On May 9, he was at a parade in Moscow, where a bandage was noticed on his hand. Lukashenka was unable to walk several hundred meters from the podium to the Alexander Garden; he was transported separately in an electric car. After that, in the evening, for the first time during his reign, he was unable to deliver a speech at the laying of flowers on Victory Square.

Only on May 15, Lukashenka was shown to the people — he was visiting the command post of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces. In a heavily retouched photo, he looked like a wax figure.

And on November 23, when meeting Putin at the CSTO summit in Minsk, Lukashenka was shaking strangely. Such shaking on his part had never been caught on camera before.

Such tremors can be a sign of aging, as well as a symptom of illness or emotional stress.

At a meeting on land reclamation and the work of the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation, which took place on December 19 and where Prime Minister Halouchanka again got into trouble, Aliaksandr Lukashenka's voice sounded very hoarse indeed.

Lukashenka's head tremors occurred again on January 9 of this year at the “For Spiritual Revival” award ceremony, which took place in the Palace of the Republic in Minsk. Then the press service published a video of the shaking dictator.

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