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Little Kolya and his father visited military exercise (Video, photo)

Little Kolya and his father visited military exercise (Video, photo)

Joint Russian-Belarusian military exercise Autumn-2008 has finished in Belarus. Yesterday a noteworthy event took place at the exercises. The exercises were visited by Mikalay and Alyaksandr Lukashenka who has the same “comic” military uniform on. Willfulness of the Belarusian dictator has entered into a new stage.

Little Kolya was following his father everywhere, when he was scrutinizing weapons and planes, and when generals were making a report to the president. Together with his father the boy was studying the map of military exercises and followed the flight of fighters on the monitor. The both “commanders in chief” were wearing the same military uniform, the same caps, and even shoulder straps seemed to be the same.

While standing together in the firing range Damanava, Lukashenka has made a few statements.

“We are following the time, we see how the situations is changing, what kind of wars now,” he said. “Moreover, we what will happen next”. He also noted that the exercises are held not only for training, but also to demonstrate that “it is very dangerous to deal with Belarus by sorting out relationships through drawing a bead on us”.

“Today we are following with the time, we see how the situation is changing; we forecast what will happen next. And in line with that we are carrying out the exercises in the way we could be forces to fight, Heaven forbid,” he stated.

As said by him, “experience of carrying out modern military operations, actions in conflict situations is studied in Belarus. We possess experience of Georgian-South Ossetian conflict thanks to Russian colleagues”.

Lukashenka stated that the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) has great prospects in ensuring interests and security of its members:

“This alliance has great prospects. The CSTO can be a very good partner for those who want to cooperate and simultaneously could be a very good deterrent for those who are trying to rattle the saber”.

At the same time, as said by him, “we should work a lot here in the CSTO to become a secure foothold in enhancing security of this segment of the planet”.

Summing up the results of the complex military exercise Autumn-2008, Lukashenka highly appreciated interaction of Belarusian and Russian military men in the framework of the common regional force grouping. “Very good, I am thankful for Russian guys who have come to us very much. But I would like that to have larger scale; I would like to have more of the Russians’ presence at our exercises. We know it is expensive, but we should take it upon ourselves,” Lukashenka said.

Photo -- a shot from "Austin Powers"

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