27 January 2020, Monday, 8:26
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Lukashenka discusses construction of nuclear power station with Chinese


Today the Belarusian leader has met with leadership of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation CGNPC.

“Once I ordered the government to offer internationally to those engaged in nuclear power stations construction to bring forward their motions. Our government addressed Americans, the French, Japanese, Chinese, Russians to take part in the competition, in the tender. I am thankful that you have arrived to us now with your offers,” Lukashenka said.

“I should say directly and frankly: we will hold a fair tender. If your corporation offers more preferential terms and undertakes to build a nuclear plant which safety will meet all international standards, which is inexpensive and of high quality, then you will win. If another company offers better variants, then, naturally, it will be the winner,” the leader of the state said.

The president noted in addition: “It is very valuable that you are constructing power stations yourselves, that you cooperate with world companies and can plan and construct a station 100%”.

Lukashenka said that he is ready to discuss all nuances of their offers. He underlined that the Belarusian side “would proceed from a pragmatic approach”. In particular, Lukashenka emphasized issues of security of the future nuclear power station. “Security beside other things means international responsibility to our neighbours and partners,” he stated.