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Ukrainian Army Colonel: There Is Unique Feature About Historic US Aid Package

Ukrainian Army Colonel: There Is Unique Feature About Historic US Aid Package

Ukraine may collapse the southern bridgehead of the Russian army.

On Saturday, the U.S. Congress voted for a package of military assistance to Ukraine.

Will Kyiv now be able to stop the Russian offensive, which is being prepared in the near future? The Charter97.org website asked Petro Chernik, a Ukrainian military analyst and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, about this.

— It is quite possible, but everything will depend on what weapons and how quickly they arrive. In general, if we evaluate this last aid package, which we divide into military and financial parts, it is the largest in the third year of Russia's war with Ukraine.

I emphasize that there is one very unique thing in this package. The U.S. Congress has adopted the allocation of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine in this law.

— What can this weapon change?

— This is a very serious weapon. There are about 2,000 ATACMS missiles of various modifications in the warehouses. Ukrainians, as operators of the M142 HIMARS and M270 units, are the second country in the world. We have weapons to launch these missiles. There must be hundreds of these missiles.

The recent strike on the airfield near Dzhankoi showed that we are fantastically able to use and manage them.

In early summer, the F-16 fighter jets should appear. I hope that there will be a lot of munitions for the F-16 in this U.S. package. First of all, long-range missiles and heavy bombs. Then we have a restrained optimism to go, relatively speaking, to the Milk Estuary. That is, to collapse the southern bridgehead.

I am sure that the weapons will arrive as soon as possible.

— What does your confidence have to do with it?

— Expenses are divided into three programs. One of them is the transfer of weapons from U.S. warehouses to Ukraine. There is a huge amount of weapons in Europe (Germany, Poland). As soon as funds are available to replace it, these weapons will be immediately sent to Ukraine.

My opinion is that by the end of next week, the weapon will definitely appear. A historic decision has been made.

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