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How Ukraine Struck Lukashenka's Offshore Companies

How Ukraine Struck Lukashenka's Offshore Companies

Why do drones attack oil depots in the Smolensk region?

Ukrainian drones methodically burn out oil bases in the Smolensk region of the Russian Federation. Last week – in Kardymovo, this night in Yartsevo and Razdorovo. It is noteworthy that in the Smolensk region, these oil depots are used as transhipment points of Belarusian refineries.

Has Ukraine started exporting Belarusian oil products to the Russian Federation? The Charter97.org website spoke about this with Ukrainian politician Boryslav Bereza, a former member of the Verkhovna Rada:

— Ukraine does not consider someone's production capacity separately, but destroys what is actually a life-giving force for the logistics of Russian troops. Where it is produced, in Russia or Belarus, is not a priority for us. The main thing is to bleed the logistics to reduce the military potential, so the priority goal is to slow down the supply of fuel to all parts that depend on it.

— Lukashenka understands the language of force perfectly well. Will supplies of Belarusian petroleum products to the Russian Federation stop? Or is Lukashenka no longer able to contradict Putin in such matters?

— Look, the question here is completely different, not whether Lukashenka understands the language of force or not. He receives money from this, while it is him personally, which part of the funds goes to him, and which to the budget, I am less interested in. Lukashenka really earns on this, it's no secret to anyone. He does not refuse to supply fuel to Russia for one simple reason — they enrich him.

Lukashenka, like any dictator, takes care of himself first and foremost, and the country is nothing more than means to earn money for him. He provides for himself and his family for the future, even if the price paid is the welfare of Belarusians, their future or peace in the country. Lukashenka is primarily interested in money, it is his main motivator. Fame, power — everything later, money first. Therefore, the trade in petroleum products has long been fully controlled by Lukashenka, the money from these supplies drops into his offshore accounts.

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