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Are “Narodnaya Volya” and “Nasha Niva” to be returned into kiosks and offered for subscription?


Oppositional press is to be returned to Belsayuzdruk. It is promised that “Narodnaya Volya” and “Nasha Niva” are to rerun to kiosks and subscription catalogue of “Belposhta”.

Return of independent newspapers to subscription catalogues is to take place inline with agreements signed by editorial offices of oppositional newspapers yesterday, Radio Racyja was told by “Narodnaya Volya” editor-in-chief Iosif Syaredzich.

“Today, for the first time in several years, we have received positive answers from state-run distributors of printed media in Belarus, and an offer of the “Belarusian printing house” about a possibility to print the newspaper at the state enterprise,” Iosif Syaredzich said.

As said by him, the decision to return oppositional newspapers into the state network of distribution cooperation with which was stopped in 2005, originates from the administration of Alyaksandr Lukashenka and is caused by the talks on democratization held between Belarus and the West, and the beginning of fulfillment of some concrete points from the 12 conditions of the European Union.

“Nasha Niva” notes however that the regime does not say anything about other newspapers including regional ones, which do not have a possibility to be published and distributed. “Narodnaya Volya” is to be published twice a week so far, on Monday and on Thursday. Agreements envisage a possibility for it to be issued daily. Other details which create conditions for normal work of mass media, such as accreditation of reporters and opportunities to sell newspapers in shops, are not clear.

As we have informed, yesterday the head of the European Parliament on relations with Belarus Jacek Protasiewicz told to Radio Racyja that the Belarusian Embassy in Brussels sent a document to European structures about a readiness of the official Minsk to follow recommendations of the OSCE on changing the Electoral Code.

Besides, the Belarusian side has stated its intention to return independent newspapers “Narodnaya Volya” and “Nasha Niva” to Belarusian printing houses, subscription catalogue and independent system of distribution.

Jacek Protasiewicz told that Brussels is waiting for concrete steps from the Belarusian side now.

“We are waiting for practical steps from the Belarusian side, and if they would be done, we would be able to say that over this half a year which had been offered by the EU to Belarus, to use a chance of wide cooperation, that this half a year won’t be wasted,” Jacek Pratasiewicz said.

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