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Paul McCartney assistant tears mask off Polina Smolova: the photo of the two of them together was fake

Paul McCartney assistant tears mask off Polina Smolova: the photo of the two of them together was fake

A spokesman of famous musician Paul McCartney, Stuart Bell called a photo where the great musician was depicted with Belarusian singer Polina Smolova “an obvious fake”.

“He does not know who this girl is,” the media director of the former Beatles musician said in an interview to “Ogonyok”.

Recently almost all Belarusian mass media published a picture where singer Polina Smolova who represented the country at Eurovision-2006 contest was portrayed with Paul McCartney. The photo was an illustration to an article where with the reference to the singer’s press-service warm relations of Smolova and McCartney were described, and a possible joint music project discussed.

Meanwhile, one of the local journalists found… the same picture of Paul McCartney, but without Polina. And bloggers started mockery placing their pictures with McCartney.

“It’s not a fake picture,” “Ogonyok” was said by Polina Smolova’s PR manager Elena Samojlova. “Paul and Polina met this year in Moscow. Then Paul arrived to Moscow to perform at a closed corporate party, but the exact date of his visit slipped my memory. Paul and Polina communicated like old acquaintances, talks a lot, as it wasn’t their first meeting: they met for the first time in Britain a year and a half ago. Polina told Paul about her desire to take voice-training classes in his Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Paul met the news amiably, as he likes Polina very much. Now we are holding negotiations about opportunities for joint projects, and in the near future Polina plans to go to Britain for another meeting with him.”

“Ogonyok” reached Paul McCartney’s assistants on the phone.

“The photo is forged,” said Stuart Bell, Paul McCartney’s spokesperson. “The original was made in Abby Road Studio in July 2006. The girl’s picture has been simply inserted there. Sir Paul hasn’t visited Moscow since 2003. And he hardly knows about this singer. He does not know about the fake photo so far, by the way. And I simply do not want to say what his reaction would be”.

As we have informed, Polina left Minsk for Moscow to cooperate with scandalous businessman and producer Viktor Baturin.

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