28 February 2020, Friday, 10:16
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Case of political prisoner Syarhei Parsyukevich taken to court


The case of one of the leaders of entrepreneurs from Vitsebsk, a political prisoner Syarhei Parsyukevich, has been sent for trial to the court of Maskouski district of Minsk by the prosecutor’s office.

On March 31 Parsyukevich was visited by lawyer Vera Stramkouskay in the remand prison in Minsk. The businessman faces 6 years of imprisonment on charges of violence against a policeman, Radio Svaboda informs.

Vera Stramkouskaya informed that yesterday she learnt that “Syarhei Parsyukevich’s case was sent to the court of Maskouski district of Minsk. Trial will take place there”.

As said by the lawyer, the political prisoner doesn’t feel well. “He has asthma exacerbations, he breathes heavily. He is running short of medicines, and new medicines will be brought to him only on Wednesday. It is allowed to bring medicines once a week. Doctors visit him there, and yesterday he was visited by a doctor,” Stramkouskaya said.

When the court will start and who will try the case of S. Parsyukevich, hasn’t been defined yet.

Syarhei Parsyukevich, a political prisoner, stays imprisoned since March 4. He was charged with beating Alyaksandr Dulub, a sentry in the remand prison in Akrestsin Street, where Parsyukevich served the arrest term after the rally of market vendors. In reality, it was Parsyukevich who was the victim of police violence. “They have fabricated the case in order to avoid responsibility,” the businessman told about sentries in Akrestsin Street.

As said by Vera Stramkouskaya, after reading the files of his case, Syarhei Parsyukevich filed several complaints, but they were dismissed. Earlier investigation dismissed his demand to interrogate the ‘injured’ policeman Alyaksandr Dulub with the help of a lie detector.