19 November 2019, Tuesday, 17:21
Second Day

Was Andrei Kim returned to pretrial detention center with ill eyes?

Political prisoner Andrei Kim was transferred to the Minsk pretrial detention center from the prison hospital.

Radio Svaboda has learnt it from Tatsyana Kim, prisoner’s mother. Officer on duty in the detention center confirmed it, but didn’t say what the state of Andrei Kim’s health was. More than two weeks ago the activist was taken to hospital with eye inflammation. Tatsyana Kim visited her son in hospital. The woman says her son didn’t look like a healthy man.

“His eyes are better now, but I don’t think he recovered completely. On Wednesday, when I spoke with him, his eyes were still inflamed,” Tatsyana Kim told.

It should be reminded that the Central district court of Minsk sentenced Andrei Kim to one and a half year of imprisonment for his actions at the rally of entrepreneurs on 10 January. The activist allegedly attacked a militiaman. Andrei didn’t confess his guilt. Human rights activists note, no other proofs except for evidence of injured traffic militia officer were not introduced to the court. Andrei Kim has already appealed against the judgement.