21 August 2019, Wednesday, 4:52
We are in the same boat

When cassation appeal of Andrei Kim will be considered?

More than a month has passed from the date of submitting a cassation appeal by Andrei Kim, but it is still unknown when the appeal will be considered.

A leave of the judge, who is to adopt a decision, has finished this week, but the date hasn’t been defined nevertheless. Though under the law the cassation appeal was to be considered within a month, Radio Svaboda informs.

In Babrujsk colony Andrei Kim was sent to 11th detachment. The political prisoner asks to send letters to him to this address.

Another request of Andrei Kim’s friends is to send him a text of Belarusian-Russian language printed from the Web. Tatsyana, the mother of the political prisoner, has informed about that. She says that Andrei doesn’t complain about his health any more, though his eyes were sick previously.

“His eyes are not inflamed any more. He can go for walks, and food is a little better there. However, it is a real prison,” Tatsyana Kim says.

Next week she wants to visit her son to bring him a parcel. It is necessary to do that before the verdict takes effect.

As we have informed, the young activist Andrei Kim was sentenced to 1.5 years of imprisonment for participation in a protest rally of entrepreneurs on January 10 in Minsk. He is charged in alleged attack on a policeman during the rally. The charges haven’t been confirmed in the court, however judge Alena Ilyina brought in the verdict of guilty. Andrei Kim hasn’t admitted fault. The EU, the US and international human rights organisations have recognized him a prisoner of conscience and demand his immediate release.