9 December 2023, Saturday, 12:20
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Polling stations to be provided with cheap alcohol

It was discussed at the sitting of the staff of control the consumer market of the city executive committee on September 12. Everything should be organised at the highest level at all 66 poling stations, officials stressed.

In other words, “tablecloths should be clean, disposable tableware and safe products should be presented,” head of the executive committee Viktar Dzichkouski stressed. “We must make a holiday for the voters.”

Bar-rooms at polling stations will sell products at lower prices than shops on this day. Alcohol will be sold at retail prices without mark-up. Baranavichy suppliers said trade would be lossmaking on that day.

The main task of the authorities is obviously to attract a voter to a polling booth by any means, let a voter drink a cheap drink, and a proved sober team will count votes at that time, the campaign “Human Rights Activists for Free Elections” notes.

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